Routing Issue with VPN over Amplifi

  • I installed Amplifi around October 2017 and everything worked fine. For about the last 3 weeks I have been unable to use my corporate VPN and access some sites (including from my Linux Desktop. My Windows laptop works. I have tried both the OpenConnect and AnyConnect VPN clients and while they exhibit different behavior, neither can successfully access remote sites with the VPN enabled.

    I would normally blame corporate for something like this, as it did work at one time and I made no changes to the client or Amplifi (that doesn't mean that firmware got downloaded which changed something). Yes, there are no problems when I disable the VPN. However, I also do not have problems when the VPN is active and I plug my desktop directly into the DSL router.

    In the case, I am getting a read error on my client side. I have been trying to understand the traffic using netstat and tcpdump. As far as I can tell packets are not getting back to my client when the VPN is enabled across Amplifi.

    Is there anyway to trace traffic going through the Amplifi router so I can better understand what is going on?

    My current firmware version is 2.4.3.


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