Nothing connects to MeshPoint

  • Hi,

    My new home wifi is Alien Router, with a Alient meshpoint bought in combo box. I have them setup connected by an ethernet backbone and one common SSID. They are at either ends of the house ~12-14m apart. During setup before turning on ethernet backbone the setup suggested not close enough for wifi mesh but thats cool as i have ethernet backbone.

    Setup yesterday, all working great, all things that live close to the meshpoint connected to it, ps4, ring, laptops in office there. When moving phones around house, they moved between router and mesh. Great speeds - very happy.

    Went out this morning, came back and every device is now connecting to the router. The lcd is telling me its a awesome 97% wifi experience, even on the devices connecting from back of house to router, of course they have almost zero speed, 37% signal... and are completely unusable.

    I've tried restarting router, mesh, devices etc etc nothing changes it.

    Literally nothing will connect to the meshpoint, i checked this via the topology and the client details looking at the signal.

    Band Steering is on.
    Router Steering is off.

    As far as i can tell from these forums there is no way to direct clients to the meshpoint over the router even though its 10+ meters away compared to mesh right next to it.

    What do i do, this is unusable. Is the meshpoint faulty?


  • Hi @SimonAcc - as a test if you create a unique Additional SSID only on the MeshPoint and have clients connect to it instead of the main SSID (forgotten if necessary), do they join and properly route over the wired backhaul as you would expect?

  • @Derek-Saville thanks, i did that and nothing would connect to the ssid, I first created a 5G, then a 2G on the mechpoint. So I restarted the msehpoint another 4 times and on the fourth time everything is good again. Been running for about 15 hours no problem. Fingers crossed all good now.

  • @SimonAcc Hi. Next time you are having such issues, please download a support file and create a support ticket so we can investigate your issue. Please note that if you reboot your AmpliFi router, the system logs are cleared as well.
    Thank you!

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