• Currently I have a Alien Router/Mesh setup, and wanted to know if it's possible to add Amplifi Instant or Ubiquiti AFI-P-HD as Access points to my existing Alien mesh?

    of course these are much cheaper options than adding another Amplifi Alien Router as a mesh.

  • my existing Alien mesh?

    Hi @Paul-Dingwitz - no & kinda/sortof
    No, they are not compatible and cannot be added as part the Alien's managed mesh, wireless or wired

    Kinda/Sortof yes, you can add them wirelessly as independently managed mesh points in 3rd Party Router mode...

    If you have a US Alien with an unused Additional WiFi-5 Radio, enabling it works decently as a WiFi source for an HD in 3rd party mode, and I assume an Instant as well although I have never tested one
    Once setup in 3rd party mode, even though they are independently managed, there is little to no maintenance required

    Wired backhaul would be like adding any other bridged access point

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