Question prior to purchasing an Alien Mesh System

  • Hi folks,
    Can someone confirm if the Alien MeshPoint from the Alien Mesh System would serve as a fully functioning, stand alone gateway router in an emergency should the Alien gateway router experience a hardware failure?


  • @David-Simpson it is as good as a a paper weight without the main router. Save your dosh and buy something else.

  • Hi @David-Simpson - it cannot, which is why some people go with 2 standalones for only ~$59 more

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks Derek. I appreciate the info. If I decide to buy the Alien I'll definitely buy two routers instead of a MeshPoint.

  • Dont do it.... Get a product from another manufacturer. You will be rather disappointed with how locked down these units are. Have no where near as much control over the device than every other networking company gives you. People have been asking here for years for feature implementation that all others give out of the box, yet nothing gets done. Get this.... they want you to use an app on your phone for configuration rather than a web portal!! The control they allow you to have via web portal is laughable at best....

    I wish UI would just hire someone like the folks at Merlinwrt who know how to compile a firmware and give people things they want.

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