Can router and mesh point be used this way?

  • I’m thinking of getting the AmpliFi Alien router with a mesh point, but I wonder if it would work in either scenario?

    Scenario #1
    AmpliFi Alien router is connected to the internet cable in the living room with an Wi-Fi uplink to the Alien Mesh point in my home office at the other end of the house. The single LAN port of the mesh point is connected to the gigabit switch in the home office that multiple PCs and Macs connect to via ethernet. Would that work?

    Scenario #2
    The mesh point is connected to the cable modem and the AmpliFi Alien router is in the home office. Would this work or does the router needs to be connected to the internet modem? I’d love to have all the nice stats of the router display on my home office rather than the living room.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Scenario 1 will work. Scenario 2 will not because the Alien has to be directly connect to the modem.

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