Windows 10 - No Internet...

  • Hi all,

    I've got two AmplifiHD routers and two MeshPoints.

    Everything has been working flawlessly up until about one week ago. Since then my Windows 10 laptop, connects to the network, gets a IP assigned but is not able to connect to the outside world. The laptop is a newer (2020 or 2021) HP Elitebook capable of WiFi 6. It has previously been able to play nice with my network.

    I've done a factory reset of my routers and instructed my laptop to forget the network. All with the same result.

    My OS X and iOS devices are using the network without any issues or complaints and can reach the outside world.

    I doubt I'm the first one to have these issues. If there is a previous thread around this that I've failed to find, please point me in that direction. If not, I'd be grateful for any suggestions on what to try next.



  • @MAAD42 You say your laptop gets an assigned IP. Does it start with 192.168.x.x or with 169.254. x.x. If the latter, it's not getting a proper IP assigned. While you are checking that, check that you also are getting a valid gateway address and that you can ping the gateway.

    From the command prompt you can type ipconfig to see the settings. You can also force a new DHCP lease by first typing

    ipconfig /release


    ipconfig /renew

  • Hi,

    The HP laptop is supplied by my employer. After speaking with a colleague yesterday, I found out that I apparently am not the first to have this issue. It seems to be related to some WiFi DNS release issue.
    I did have some sort of patch installed on the laptop. After reinstalling the patch, the HP laptop can now once again reach the outside world.

    Thanks a lot for your support and ideas.


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