Slow throughput when connected to Mesh Point

  • I have the current setup:

    When I am connected directly to the main router/access point, I can saturate my Internet connection both download and upload: 40Mbps/5Mbps over WiFi.

    However when I am connected to one of the Mesh Points, I get a really reduced throughput of about: 20Mbps/5Mbps.

    The connection between the Mesh Point and the Main is good:
    1_1505338361381_Screenshot_20170913-232624.png 0_1505338361380_Screenshot_20170913-232619.png

    What could be the problem here?

  • It may just be due to the location of the mesh point(s). The throughput you get from a mesh point will only be as good as the throughput between the router and mesh point.

    When you checked the throughput of the router, was it when you’re right next to it? If you unplug/turn off a mesh point and check the throughput in that location (so you’re connected directly to the router), what speed to you get?

  • I am having the same problem. I have a full connecting from the mesh points to the router, according to the LEDs and the app. When I'm connected to the router, I get around 100-110 Mbps. When I'm connected to a mesh point, I get between 25-70 Mbps. Is this how this mesh system works? Seems a bit strange. Any ideas?

  • That actually sounds about right. The router should give you significantly better throughput. If your mesh points are too far from the router they will connect at 2.4GHz, meaning that no matter how fast your 5GHz connection to the mesh point is, when it hits the backhaul to the router it is running at the slower speed. You may want to try to move your antenna closer to the router in order to get a 5GHz connection. There is some testing and trial/error involved in selecting the best position.

  • My satellites were on a 5GHz connection. I think it's just the nature of a dual band mesh system. From what I have read, part of that is eaten up the backhaul to the router.

  • Another thing that can affect throughput is your 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz "Bandwidth" settings. You generally want this to be as large as possible (but that comes with some compatibility risks, sometimes). I'll leave it to you to learn more about this - just wanted to point out that you shouldn't forget about this setting as it can be a pretty huge factor for some people!

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