Alien router set as a mesh point randomly rebooting

  • I have had this router over a year and in the last two months it has randomly rebooted continuously. It is set up as a one of my two mesh points in addition to the main router. I have spent months going back a fourth with email support about this with no resolution. Firmware beta updates and anything else have not helped. I am over my 1 year warrantee period ( local purchase) and when I submit the Mac ID for an RMA it doesn’t recognize it. I am so frustrated with AmpliFi over this. The main router had similar issues when I purchased it a couple years ago and they sent me an RMA ticket pretty quickly but now they just keep telling me to submit it it online despite the web site not recognizing the MAC ID. I need a phone number to talk to a human being that can help me real time not with hours or days of delayed email correspondence. Anyone else had this much trouble getting help?

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