Slow WiFi speeds on WiFi 6 5ghz

  • Anyone else have slow gig speeds on their alien? I’m usually around 400-500. Thinking of getting rid of it for something more reliable though I don’t want to.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt When we had gig speeds we got 500 - 600 on our Apple devices when connected to the 5GHz WiFi band. 2.4 would be far slower. The majority of times would be somewhere around 550. This was both on our previous Apple router and then the Alien. The Alien has greater range than the Apple router did. We live in a condo apartment with multiple WiFi networks around us and are usually within 20-25 feet line of sight to the router.

    To do any better we’d have to move to the boonies and be the only network in the area. Most of the posts I’ve seen report 500+ over WiFi. Highly variable depending on environment and what applications you use to test speeds.

  • @John-Pappas I’m using, Speedtest app, and the WiFiman app from UI. Ofcourse speeds will vary and I have been able to increase them more consistently by creating a separate DSID for WiFi6 (5ghz) but I’m trying to get make it even better. What baffles me is WiFi tests are faster then the built in Speed Test on the router. That is always mid 400’s.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt From the posts I’ve read here the router onboard test rarely matches and is usually less than the others you mention. I also use the Speedtest app as well as the AMPLIFI app on my phone which I regard as more accurate and consistent.

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