System Info (Beta) graphic dotted line?

  • Hi
    I have been having internet speed issues on a PC which is attached to one of three meshpoints. The meshpoint is attached to the router OK with two dots on the config screen so directly attached to the router which is the same for all three meshpoints. The speed on the PC wirelessly connected to the meshpoint drops to a download of very low 2mbps on a virgin line that is 800 and upload is around 35-40. The speed does seem to fluctuate but best I get is about 35 down and 35 up (the down fluctuates the Up is consistent). I notice that on the amplifi config screen the line to this meshpoint alternates between a solid line and a dotted line and the same from the meshpoint to this particular PC (Lenovo27 on this diagram).

    Can anyone help me understand why this single connection appears to be problematic and what does that dotted line in the config mean?

    Thanks for any help getting this working more reliably.


  • @gp2229 Hi and thank you for your question.
    The dotted line means that there is active traffic between meshpoint or client.
    If the line is solid it means that the traffic is insignificant.

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