AmpliFi Alien recommendations

  • I am thinking to replace my old Deco M5 mesh system with AmpliFi Alien.

    I got some questions before I complete the order.

    At the moment I require 6 mesh points to cover my house, I got very thick walls so I assume I would need at least 6 alien mesh points. But I see that I can only order the

    AmpliFi Alien Router (SKU: AFi-ALN-R-EU)


    AmpliFi Alien Router and MeshPoint (SKU: Afi-ALN-EU)

    How could I order one Router and 5 MeshPoints?

    Also, how is the performance with thick walls and high humidity?

  • Dont do it.... Good hardware... Trash software to run it... We have to make "suggestions" for features that most other manufacturers allready have implemented. Some of which that are rather no brainers. Crap web portal with limited functionality with expectations of using a phone/tablet app for most configuration settings. I should have saved myself some money and went/stuck with asus...

    Ideally you could run a different router as your main and set each alien in bridge mode.. Essentially it becomes just an access point. However it would be rather expensive and I'm sure there are other options for far less money.

    Good luck

  • I love the hardware and software. They may not have all the features other routers have (enough for me, normally a power user) but they implement them very well.

    Anyway to answer your question, you can easily turn your alien router into a mesh point but I thinks in your case, you’d need the router plus mesh with 3 additional routers. Since these don’t have a dedicated wireless backhaul, I don’t think I’d recommend doing that many in a mesh network unless you use an Ethernet backhaul. You’d probably do better with a different router from another company.

    You save about $70 getting the bundle over 2 routers but they work just as seem less.

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