Faceit disconnection when playing CS unless in latency mode

  • Im pretty dissappointed with my Amplifi HD in that since I installed it, I cant play Faceit CSGO (Which is the only game I really play due to time constraints) when the Amplifi is in throughput mode. It disconnects after a minute or two in game.

    If I change it to latency mode there are no problems but my download speed is limited to 100MBit for some reason? I have 350Mbit virgin media internet in the UK. This causes me a problem when someone in my family is downloading as the speed is a fraction of what it should be and disturbs my gaming for far longer than necessary.

    I am gaming without using the wifi and completely over the ethernet so I dont understand why this should cause a problem.

    I'd very much like to know what is causing the problem and how to sort it out.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Hi @Robert-Meeks - I believe 100Mbps is the default download limit
    You will need to go into the web UI and adjust the limits to match your ISP speeds...

    A good place to start is roughly 85% to 90% of your actual ISP speeds
    So for 350Mbps service you could try 300000 for the Download limit, test and adjust from there

    Do the same for the Upload limit set to roughly 85% of actual

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