It just stopped working and won't connect to anything...

  • So regrettably at 4:00pm MT my Alien wifi router stopped working. I could not connect to any device wirelessly. I called Comcast (Xfinity) found out their box is working just fine. But when I try to connect to my Alien router it just drops, I can't even connect to the Amplifi app. After 5 plus hours of trying to work with Amplifi online Chat because "AmpliFi is a home user friendly product"...I tapped out! Not because the person helping me was bad but because it was so agonizingly slow and tedious to get through. Comcast was able to help me out in less than 30 mins. I tried to connect a laptop to the wifi router with an ethernet cable and it just kept taking to long to connect and then I would have to login and then it would time out and then crash again. So is there anyone who can service one of these in person (Sandy, UT?)??

  • @Fubeca Hi, we apologize for your bad experience. If you think there is something wrong hardware wise with your AmpliFi unit you can submit your unit for RMA.
    However, we suggest that you work with our AmpliFi support team first and then the support agent will suggest RMA if all the basic steps will be covered and the issue won't be resolved.

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