Slow WiFi speeds

  • I have cox gigabit.

    When I run a speed test at the router it shows 825 down.

    When I run a speed test on my iPhone 13 Pro right next to the router the fastest I get is 625- 650 down.

    I completely understand there will be a difference between wired and wireless throughput however it seems like more of a penalty then expected.

    Has anyone else seen this with 3.6.2?

    Only 2.4 and WiFi 6 radios are active on separate SSIDs. Band steering is not active. I’m also the only one on the selected channels.

  • @Gofast Hello. 625-650 Mbps is the expected speed for a 2x2 WiFi6 client device like iPhone 12, 13.
    We also suggest using AmpliFi app for speed tests, because we use the iperf3 speed test which does not rely on speed test servers as and do and measures speed directly between the router and the WiFi client.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you for your response and support. I used to have Verizon fios directly connected to the router and my phone could pull 800+ when right next to the router. While the router speed test would show 975 down.

    But what I think the issue is the starting point is lower with cox. (825 at the router vs 975) When I compare the router and phone speed differential between fios and cox, it’s pretty similar. A loss of about 150mbs. So I just answered my own question.

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