AmpliFi HD system questions

  • Hello guys,
    I am new to Ubiquiti and am considering to purchase this:
    Main needs:

    • multiple subnets (so that IOT things can be separated out)
    • access points will need to be "wireless" where I do not need to run Ethernet to them.
    • need to use my own PiHole machines as Primary / Secondary DNS servers (except for IOT devices on another subnet can use Google)

    Will this product do what I want to achieve or do I need to look at another product?

    Also, does the "base station" also has a wireless AP built in, or is it simply a router+firewall+4-port switch?

    Thank you for your time!

  • 1- "Will this product do what I want to achieve or do I need to look at another product?"
    Don't believe multiple subnets (or VLANs) are possible with any of the Amplifi products so your first need would go unmet.
    You can certainly use them in a wireless mesh and you can change the primary and secondary DNS servers to be whatever you like (including your piHole systems), but since it's just one subnet there's no way to have different DNS for IOTs. You would have to look for another product... Amplifi is Ubiquiti's consumer "quick set it and forget it" line... if you want greater "pro" flexibility and to stay in Ubiquiti then you'd want to "move up" to their Unifi line. If you did "move up" to the Unify line then you'd probably want something like the "Dream Machine" ( as your base (if you can find one) and since you don't want to run wire to your mesh APs you'd probably want something like their AC Mesh APs ( or "Beacons" ( that allow for wireless adoption.

    2- "Also, does the "base station" also has a wireless AP built in, or is it simply a router+firewall+4-port switch?"
    The AmpliFi base does indeed include include a built-in wireless AP

  • @oscartoro
    Thank you for your reply. Having multiple subnets is important, so I will look at the unifi product with AP Mesh. I presume it is not overly complicated (I understand that this is very subjective), and perhaps there is good documentation on how to setup etc?

  • @dc-901 : Like you said, the level of "complicated" is very subjective... Remember, this is their "pro" level stuff. You will definitely have vast more configuration parameters that can be modified to your hearts content. I would say most of what you really need is very well documented. The links I included (and the "" sites for any other APs/routers you may want to consider) all include "quick start" guides that will help you get started with the setup of the hardware and adoption but the bulk of the configuration will happen within the unifi network apps... and that's something you can probably have a whole college level class on if you wanted... they have excellent documentation (tons of it so the volume can be a little overwhelming to start) over at (for example you could start here: and if you did go with the Unifi Dream Machine router this quick start ( would be much better than the little "just plug these in and go to the app one" that is in their store product page... If you are committed to stick to it and have any option you want then I'm sure you'll be happy with their stuff... but if you want something closer to the "quick set and forget" consumer lines then you may want to look at other brands.

  • @dc-901 : actually if you wanted to get a sense of what it would take to setup an IoT subnet this Crosstalk Solutions guy has an excellent youtube channel and in this video ( he is walking through exactly how to setup an IoT subnet.

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