Extending Dream machine wifi range

  • Will an Amplifi Meshpoint (AFi-P-HD) work as a range extender for a Unifi Dream Machine (treating it as a 3rd party Router)? I have a single room in the house where wifi from the UDM is weak. I can’t find a Unifi product in the UK that will just plug into the 240v AC to cover this room and don’t want to have to run Ethernet cabling to a single room. Thx. Andy

  • Hi @kerswilla - couldn’t you just use wireless uplink with a UniFi AP?

    Or are you specifically wanting something that attaches directly to mains outlet instead of using a cabled PoE injector?

    3rd Party mode should work with a standalone MeshPoint HD, but a UniFi AP would likely provide better management options

  • Hi @kerswilla - the Access Point WiFi 6 Extender is in Early Access on the EU store, but who knows when general availability will happen with all of the supply chain constraints

    Using a plug adapter wouldn't be ideal, but you could reconfigure a socket to Type-C specific for the purpose

    Shows compatibility with Dream Machines (UDM) updated to Version 1.12.x or later

  • @Derek-Saville
    Derek, top man! Many thanks for prompt reply. I’m happy to wait for availability of the new AP Wifi6 extender and then I’ll reconfigure the 240v socket to match. Hopefully they’ll release the UDM software release around the same time. Mthx again, Andy

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