Data Speeds are way off the advertised speed It acts like a MB router not a GB Router

  • I just got two of these for two different homes. The its advertised as a GB router but performs like a MB router on hardwired testing. I used to have 600+MB download in performance tests. Now I can't clear 100MB. What setting is required to make this the HD version perform as advertised?

  • @David-Fulton I've been using an HD for several years, works just fine and provides 800Mb wired performance. If you are rate limited at 100Mb, it could be a bad ethernet cable, or bad negotiation between the router and your device. If you could describe your setup in a little more detail, members of the community might be able to assist.

  • Sorry that was frustration speaking. I should have provided more and poked more. I found the issue. Running a fresh cable fixed the issue. We have had problems with firesticks buffering with the new system. I should have run a full section by section diagnostic.

  • @David-Fulton Glad you found it. In depth testing is often a lost art. Given the target market for the Amplifi line (consumer, easy to set up), it's always a pleasure to see users who understand networking solving issues.

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