Can routers be wired to one another?

  • I bought the alien kit (router + mesh) and was thinking about adding a third point on the second floor. I understand that I need to buy a stand alone router. On my main floor ( where I would use two points) I am able to wire them together. Is this possible and/or would this be better and if so, which one should I wire together (the mesh or use the second router)?
    I am unable to wire the third point (second floor).
    Essentially, I an three point system (two on the main floor and one on the second floor) with the possibility of wirering two together on the main floor, where should I use the two routers and the mesh point?

  • @gleger99 Yes. You can follow the instructions in How to Enable Ethernet Wired Backhaul. It’s probably the better option whenever possible.

    Regarding where to place the Alien vs Alien MeshPoint: I think the primary factor would be if you intend to use the Ethernet ports in your new location. The full Alien will give you 4 Ethernet ports to use at that location when it’s wired to your primary.

  • @dwightpro should I wire the routers together and leave the mesh for the second floor or other way?

  • @gleger99 I'm not as well informed on the differences as some may be, but I believe the only difference between the mesh unit and the full Alien is that the mesh unit is missing the ethernet LAN ports and the screen.

    I would probably wire the full Alien personally to make the best use of the 4 ethernet ports on the Alien in its secondary location. I think @UI-AmpliFi mentioned that the LAN ports on a Router as a Mesh Point work when it's got a wired backhaul. Someone with more knowledge than me can confirm that though.

  • @gleger99
    I think I wired; it will benefit the next router mesh, the reason I said this. My house has some crazy wall that blocks my signal terribly. I had to run 100FT cat ethernet cable on my addict to hide the cable, my signal got way better where I can get 940mpb hard wire on both location and getting 700mpb wifi 6. It will benefit you on your wifi strength

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