Amplifi HD disconnects device every hour

  • I have a battery driven IOT device (Smart Lock) in my Amplifi network which suffers from disconnects every hour. The interesting thing is that it is disconnected almost exactly at the same minute/second every hour, which is exactly when the Amplifi routers WIFI was (re)started the last time. The error code given by the wifi stack of the device is 2, which means "rejected by AP". It seems that the Amplifi router is throwing out the device from the network on purpose.
    The device is 2,4GHz only and is extremely passive on the WIFI (because it's battery driven and tries to save energy). It ignores all broadcast traffic etc. My Amplifi is running in bridge mode with 20MHz channels on the 2,4GHz frequency band.

    • I have tried with some other routers from Ubiquiti (UAP AC) and from other brands and none of them have shows this behavior.
    • All sorts of settings of the AmplifiHD (incl. the ones on the web interface, also in beta mode) have been tried with no success
    • Connecting to an additional network or the guest network does not change anything.
    • Over night the disconnects are less often than during day hours when there is more network traffic

    Has anyone an idea what's going on or seen a similar behavior with (battery driven) IOT devices?


  • @jpansy We are having exactly the same problem that the complete wifi is disconnected every hour. We use an Amplifi as a "Guest wifi" and all clients re disconnected every hour.

    I also have access to another Amplifi and that system doesn't have any problems with disconnect.

    Both systems are running version 3.6.2.

    Any ideas?

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