Mesh point failing to connect

  • I have been running a router/mesh point pair for over a year with no problems. The router is in my home office. The mesh point is in the basement. No problems. Last night, the mesh point stopped connecting. I did a factory reset of the mesh point and the router and set everything back. Fortunately, I had a backup to restore.
    But, now the mesh point barely connects unless it is within 6" of the router. I set the backbone to 2.4ghz because I need to cover distance. But even in the same room, the app shows they are too far away. That can't possibly be right.

    Everything is at the same firmware, 3.6.2. Because everything had been working for such a long period of time, and nothing else has changed, I can only think that something has failed somewhere.

    I simply don't know what else to try.

  • The router and mesh right now are about 18" apart. I did a mesh speed test and get 14 Mbps down and 158Mbps up. Wifi experience shows 89%.

  • Jeff, I'm having the exact same problem but mine won't connect even if you put them 3" apart.

  • I ended up opening a support ticket. Apparently one of the radios in the router had died. Fortunately, an RMA and replacement equipment resolved the problem.

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