Radio Guidance

  • I think I'm going around in circles and need some guidance. I have an Alien router and mesh combo. I'm troubleshooting why the mesh stopped connecting. In the process, I had to factory reset everything. I am using the 3.6.2 firmware which updated last October. I am trying to find the right combination of SSIDs and radios.

    I have to connect new Wifi 6 capable devices
    I have older devices that can connect at 5ghz
    I have home automation devices that must connect at 2.4ghz . I had a separate SSID that identified that network.
    And I'm trying to get a mesh point to connect at the other end of the house. An Ethernet backbone is not an option at this time.

    My head is spinning trying to make sense of "common names" and additional radios. Some of the settings in the app appear to reflect wifi 6.

    I've been looking at the support documentation but would appreciate some real-world advice.

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