Speed at Gateway way higher than speed with Amplifi

  • Hi All,

    Running Comcast internet with 600 mbps. Using Amplifi HD Router with mesh points. I have a NetGear 8 port switch that I also use to deliver internet to multiple devices via hardwire. When i run a speedtest from the Comcast app, which is testing speed to the gateway, im regularly getting over 600 mbps. When i run the speed test through the amplifi app, Im getting around 70 mbps.

    Using commercial grade ethernet cables to and from the switch as its well over 75 feet each way. Wondering what cables might need changing or other troubleshooting things I can do. As for the mesh points, one of the ranges is "good" and the other is "perfect", according to the Amplifi App at least.

    Appreciate all the help in advance.

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