Wifi Failing - unsure how to troubleshoot

  • I've had two of these things for about 10 months now and it's been an amazing replacement to my Google mesh. This past week, the wifi has been random going out - and in its place, my laptop just sees all the devices broadcasting looking for my wifi signal.

    A reboot of the wifi will make it work for awhile, but failing 3 times in a week seems like something else is wrong. Has this already been discussed? How do I resolve this?

  • @Wei-Yang

    Hello Wei,

    The wi-fi problem is familiar to me as well. I thought I had tackled it. But even my static ip change into automatic ip???? Got no WiFi in the garden, even 1 meter away from the house. The exit of WiFi is becoming annoying. When I give every device a unique name and a static ip then suddenly the next day : GONE.
    Is if it’s leading it’s on life… 😡. Before I had a NETGEAR AX . I should never have changed to another brand that “looks” cool but performs shit

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