Provide better notifications when firmware updates are available.

  • Please provide better notifications when firmware updates are available, instead of just displaying on device screen. Create a configuration parameter to allow for auto updates. Many firmware updates patch security vulnerabilities. These devices are exposed to the public internet.

  • @Jbarkwin1 If the device is offline, how could it send a notification?

  • @mleeds Huh?

  • @Jbarkwin1 Ah, you're asking for the Amplifi to report offline status for devices connected to it, and not for the Amplifi to report its own status. That was not clear from your original post.

    How would you account for mobile devices leaving the premises? That would be a regular occurrence. What form of notification would you want? A status board on the Amplifi (sort of exists now, but without alerting), email, SMS? What would constitute offline, a failed ping test? How would you handle occasional dropouts, with a timeout flag before alerting?

  • No.. Notification when a firmware update is available. Some of them patch serious security vulnerabilities.

  • @Jbarkwin1 I ran a test. I disconnected the WAN cable from my Amplifi HD, then started the Amplifi app on my phone. Worked just fine, no need to connect to some Amplifi cloud. I think your assumption is incorrect. Additionally my Amplifi HD sits behind my ISP's modem and is not reachable from outside. So unless the Amplifi HD is consistently communicating with some Amplifi service, and Amplifi is noting when the communication ends, I don't see how this would work. Nor do I see how Amplifi would be able to tell the difference between an ISP outage and a device outage. Now things may be different for Ubiquiti hardware. Or perhaps I've misunderstood your premise.

    And if I want to know if my Amplifi HD is up while I'm home, I open a browser and see if I can reach the Internet. Since I do not run services from home, if it is down when I'm not home it does not matter.

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