Wifi calling - issues continue

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    So I have an amplifi HD router in the main house and then another router configured as a bridge in another building. Both are connected via a CAT7 cable. I have tried a new internet service provider. I have tried a new cellphone service provider. I can now officially confirm that it's definitely an issue with the Amplifi HD router as that's the only other option at this point. I've had problems for about a year now and I'm just getting around to troubleshooting it. I had an Iphone 12 pro and now I have an Iphone 13 Pro...but were unable to maintain a telephone call using wifi calling. I've gotten into the habit of running to a window as soon as the person on the other end of the phone call says "hello, are you still there?".

    I've tried adjusting settings on the Amplifi HD and nothing as worked yet. I am thinking, since I've already spend thousands on new phones, new internet service, new telephone service, that I might as well just spend a few hundred more and get a different router. But before I do, I want to know if anyone has been able to find a way to get Iphones to work successfully with the Amplifi HD router? If so, what firmware and what settings. The option on the main router for IGMP that says "disable if wifi calling doesn't work" actually made things worse when I disabled it.

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