AmpliFi HD 3.6.2 - Intermintent loss of WiFi (AC Mode)

  • I have an AmpliFi Router HD with two mesh points running 3.6.2 and recently noticed issues with two laptops having connectivity issues which have persisted through two reboots/restarts of the router. I seem to recall updating the firmware recently (~2 weeks ago), but am not positive on this.

    Laptop #1 would have intermittent high ping times with brief lapses of connectivity which appeared to start/became obvious ~2 days ago when my conference audio via computer was delayed/cutting in/out and RDP sessions would freeze/drop every 30-60 seconds or so.

    Laptop #2 recently started having issues connecting to WiFi at all and when connected would not pass traffic (Unable to ping gateway either).

    Disabling AC/AX Mode on both devices and forcing N mode appears to have addressed the issues on both devices.

    No issues were previously observed/experience in the year(s) prior, took a look at the troubleshooting article it appears my settings match (Band Steering enabled, router steering disabled and channel/bandwidth are currently set to auto with no/minimal interference based on analyzer).

    Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or have any feedback/thoughts?

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