iPhone and Pixel can’t connect to internet with Amplifi Alien

  • Both My iPhone and my pixel suddenly lose their ability to connect to the Internet when on Wi-Fi with my amplifi alien. I had the same issue with an amplifi HD.

    I recently moved and switched from Verizon to optimum. I am on a one gigabit connection. I’m using the altice router + modem, but optimum removed altices router functionality to not create conflict

    I never had this problem in my old home when I was on Verizon

    I feel like I’ve troubleshooted everything. Ive tried:

    • selecting different channels
    • connecting with a different ssid for both 2.4 a 5ghz
    • turning off bandstearing
    • restarting the router, this works for a bit but eventually the phones are unable to connect
    • creating static leases for the phones
    • using a second alien as a mesh point, Because I thought I had too many devices connected at once.

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