Alien + Mesh Point Wifi Channels + Custom Channels

  • Knowing how most mesh systems work, even when using ethernet backhaul and how they all use the same wifi channel -- and how that means only 1 point can talk on that channel at a time, I noticed that my mesh point with ethernet backhaul Wifi 6 5GHz radio is using a different DFS channel ((104 (80MHz) and 116 (80MHz on the Mesh point.)) than my main point. As of 2 days ago my 2.4GHz radios in both devices (Alien + Mesh) were using two separate channels as well (1 and 6 20MHz).

    I LOVE seeing this and if I'm not mistaken, that works closer to a Unifi system and allows more devices to Talk on the network simultaneously -- Correct me if I'm wrong.

    While we all know the Unify systems have massive advantages over the Alien, the Alien itself hardware is so much more capable than the software features it currently offers. So my question -- I love that the Alien is Automatically using different Wifi 6 5GHz channels on the mesh points. Can we get a feature in the app to control the channels it's using?

  • After further testing -- the Mesh points kinda do what they want is the wifi channels are available-- meaning:
    Wifi 6 5GHz Radio use channels 100-161 if available in your area. In the OP I said that the 2 mesh points were using channels 104 (100-112) 80MHz wide and 116 (116-128) 80MHz. Adding in a third wired point over lapped on 100 (100-112).

    Changing the only point I have any control in the app over (Main Alien) to channel 140, the other points now use 100 (100-112), 116 (116-128) and 140 (136-144)! This is awesome news for some applications for my use case.

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