Mesh network in bridge mode. Can I use a separate Amplifi Instant on DMZ to teleport?

  • Hello,

    At home I have Amplifi HD
    At my remote location I have Amplifi HD (in bridge mode) + an Amplifi instant as a mesh point

    I'd like to use the Router-to-Router teleport feature but my remote location has an ISP router that does not have bridge mode or 'modem only' mode, so I've had to enable bridge mode on the Amplifi HD in order to avoid double NAT. Unfortunately teleport doesn't work when the remote Amplifi HD is in bridge mode.

    1. Can I buy another Amplifi Instant/HD for the remote location and put it on the DMZ of the ISP router (so that it doesn't become part of my mesh network) and then do Router-to-Router teleport?

    2. Will the Amplifi app allow me to set up the additional Amplifi Instant/HD separately from my existing mesh network?

    3. Do I even need to bother with the DMZ? Can I set up the additional Amplifi router separately from the mesh network without DMZ? (I don't care about devices connected to the teleported router being double NAT)

    (p.s. I need to keep my ISP router because my provider delivers IPTV through it)


  • Hi @Vinny,

    I have almost the same setup as you have - but I have no ISP router at my sites. I have a remote office where I have my servers and other stuff. At home I have Amplifi HD mesh kit and at work I have Ubiquiti USG router for the corporate network.

    As I sell both products to my customers I would like to use them myself.

    I have no problem using double NAT as it does not interfere with my setup. I have done the following setup below and it suits my needs:


    Local network home:

    ISP fiber -> Amplifi HD Router - -> clients

    Remote network office:

    ISP fiber -> Ubiquiti USG - -> Switch -> Servers/clients/Amplifi HD (with IP: for Amplifi HD:s internal network).

    On remote network I set a staic IP on WAN port for Amplifi HD to and using the USG as default DNS,

    The above configuration is not optimal nor a perfect solution - but it suits my needs and I can use it as a lab when needed.

    Information is as is.

    All the best,


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