• I raised a support ticket about constant disconnections.

    The support team tried standard stuff (switch it to ff and on again / reinstall ) and have since disengaged after forwarding to the development team.

    I would recommend you avoid this product for a couple of years.

    Its a shame really- AmpliFi could be great.

  • Hey @Adam-Kinghorn, I'm sorry. Definitely doesn't sound like a good experience, could you PM me your support ticket? So we can look into it? Don't give up on us just yet. Also, I'll move this to the Troubleshooting section, and if you're up for it, share the rest of the details there, maybe another user has run into the same issue and will know how to fix it.

  • I am running into the same problem. I notice it the most on my android phone, but if I'm steaming on the TV it will cut out for a few seconds and reconnect. It's super annoying but doesn't seem to stay disconnected for more than a couple of seconds.

  • Hi Adam and UBNT-AlexCaldas,

    Please share with us your experience and troubleshooting as I have been experiencing these antennae drop outs constantly and ni matter where I place the in relation to the base it keeps happening. This product has become so unreliable that I stopped recommending it to my customers.


  • Copy that @tony-makhlouta. We'll share our findings!

  • I'm having exact same issues. I lose internet connection multiple times a day. The wifi shows connected, but I can't even connect to the amplifi router itself. It's so annoying, I regret this purchase. When it works it's great, but the reliability is horrible.

    I get a connection timeout message all the time when trying to connect to the router with a full wifi strength showing.

  • Same problem here but with xbox one, son complains that it drops out and reconnects, only just started to happen. Had the router for a few months. cheers

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am seeing it, but not all clients are dropping at the same time which is really odd.

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