Can a Ubiquity EdgeRouter-X act as a VPN endpoint for a Amplfi Alien in a Router-Router connection?

  • I live in Florida, and spend time on a boat in the bahamas.
    Either with SpaceX or LTE, I get packets while in the bahamas.
    At home, those packets come in various flavors like netflix, amazonprime, googletv, appletv.........
    but in the Bahamas - just 50 miles away - I need to VPN from the US geolocated IP.
    The VPN services are becoming well known and can be detected and prevented.
    I'd like to setup a full persistent Allports:all protocols tunnel to my home comcast cable connection - as that's where the Bahamas internet terminates anyway so no latency penalty.
    I have AmpliFi Alien gateway at home and I can use another on the boat or can I use an Ubiquity EdgeRouter X to manage the other end of this connection?
    EdgeRouter-X is a better option with ethernet direct to my 4GLTE or SpaceX and smaller size, and less watts... and no wifi-step-up-step-down bridge connections so I prefer it as long as it can negotiate the Alien's VPN flavor.
    Last resort is to use another Alien as client to the SpaceXwifi or Cradlepoint LTE-Wifi and serve my devices from that second wifi. But ethernet to the erX and wifi after is cleaner.
    BTW, if ER-X cannot play on the other end of an Alien and another Alien is the only path forward, then can the other Alien act as a persistent fully tunnel routed device through power cycles/auto-reconnect and such?

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