How do I tell which meshpoint goes with which router? I have 4 routers and 1 MP

  • I originally bought a router / meshpoint kit. Then I added 3 more routers. Is there anyway I can tell which meshpoint goes with which router by serial number or something? I don't see anywhere to do it in the software either.

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  • Hi @JasonC - is there any correlation of the MAC addresses on the QR code label which would indicate which router it was paired with at the factory?

  • Yeah thats the problem. None of the numbers on the bottom including the MAC address match enough to determine....such a pain.

  • Hi @JasonC - it used to be with the HD series that the router from a kit had to be the main router of the mesh, otherwise the kit meshpoint couldn't join the network
    But I don't know if that is still the case with the Alien kit and there is also the possibility now of un-pairing kits

    If you have a basic general setup, the kit router is likely the main router of the mesh that the meshpoint is connected to