Homepods not visible on network. What gives?

  • Hey,

    I've had an Alien now since 2020. It's been phenomenal. I realized that my homepods to show up on the network like all the other devices do. What would be the reason for that?

    They respond. They are able to airplay. The work has homehubs, but in the "devices" they do not show up at all. It got me thinking and I don't ever remember a time where they were visible on the network.

  • @tylerpoppe

    Are the HomePod’s paired with an Apple TV and being used as the speakers for the Apple TV?

    If so: I believe the Apple TV that the HomePod is connected to handles the transport of all network traffic. The HomePod connects through the Apple TV instead of directly to your wireless network.

  • @dwightpro Ohhh! Fascinating. 4 are paired to two appleTVs. 1 mini is by itself. But it also isn't showing up. Would it show up as a weird name or something that isn't easily discernible

  • @tylerpoppe Interesting. The HomePod mini should definitely be appearing in the device list.

    If you press and hold on the HomePod mini tile in the Home app and scroll to the bottom: you should see the Wi-Fi MAC address. Then you can go through the AmpliFi list and try to match it there. An easy way is probably to go through the process of adding devices to a device group (or if you don’t have any device groups, you can just create one and delete it when you’re done looking). The screen that lets you add devices to the device group will list all devices with their MAC address so can quickly scan through and see if you see it.

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