Alien v10 vs. v9 - too close to the receiver and won't connect

  • I noticed that after changing Alien in the hardware version 2020 v9 to 2021 v10, the printer (Canon MF724cdw) stopped connecting to the router via WiFi. Changing channels does not help - I have to move the new (v10) Alien away from the printer at least 20-30 cm to make it connect. When it is closer, the printer does not find the router but the printer router. It doesn't connect at all. But all I have to do is move the router further - it will connect.
    That is, there is a worse WiFi signal, a different chipset in the router that is happening?

  • @kicur Hello and thank you for your feedback. There are no WiFi related hardware changes between these versions. However, we would like to investigate your case. Could you please generate two support files (one when everything is fine and the second when you experience the issue) and send them to us at

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