Homekit and Logitech Circle View Camera

  • Been having this issue for a couple of months now. The Circle View Camera will work, but it will stop recording when I leave and stop sending notifications. I can still connect remotely and view live video.

    At first thought it was homekit hub, would reboot Appletv and homepods, and camera, and router, but what finally was the fix was doing a powercycle on the amplifi.

    After updating firmware on Amplifi last night, issue happened again.

    Will powercycle Amplifi tonight when returning home and report back, but last two times, simply a powercycle of amplifi fixed it.

  • As a followup, doing a power cycle on the Amplifi fixed the issue and now Circle View is recording again and notifications are working again.

    So the bug report is that doing soft reboot via the app on the Amplifi seems to break Homekit video recording and notifications and they don't work until you unplug power from Amplifi and plug back in.

  • @bhyahoo what is the notification time in seconds once the activity zone has been breached.
    I am using the Aqara G2H in Homekit facing outdoors with Person and Animal Detection , there is a 10-15s delay with notifications , users claim a notification time of 2s !!

    I have also noticed that setting my AMPLIFI HD to Streaming for the G2H actually slows down the stream for some reason , Normal setting works best.

    I can't figure out if this is a Aqara or AMPLIFI firmware issue.

  • @Ahmed-Ahmede the notifications are pretty fast, I’ve not timed them.

    I had another power blink so now I’m back to rebooting things to get it working again. I still suspect the AMPLIFI. I’m going to change once a better router from someone comes out or the eeros get better reviews.

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