frequent internet dropouts

  • My Amplify HD router is hardwired to my ISP modem/router. The modem is NOT in bridge mode and I did not do any configurations when I made the connection, just plug and play with no setup. When I connect to the Amplify router I get frequent internet dropouts and whenever they occur, if I switch to the modem/router I immediately get internet back but if I go back to Amplify there's no internet. This happens multiple times a day but doesn't seem to last long per occurrence, only a few minutes at the most. I'm wondering if some settings in my modem might be causing these dropouts?? My ISP said they don't show any dropouts on my internet so it appears there's some other cause for these brief and frequent interruptions. Can anyone help?

  • @JDSchott same here, I don’t get 100% blocked but .98 mbps is pretty close - my amplifi hd does a speed test and it’s low but speed test app can’t even connect / rebooting HD is a quick fix but doesn’t last forever

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