Alien crashing and requiring restart daily

  • After 2 solid years of working great my Alien has started to crash/freeze daily. I made no changes at all to my configuration. I just woke up one morning and had no internet to any device. Ever since then for the past 2 weeks it's happened daily if not twice daily. The router just seems to crash. The LCD still works, but no wifi is being broadcast. If I click the Speed Test on the LCD it doesn't work. Very frustrating. I'm seeing a few other reports of this same issue on Reddit so was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

    I've already contacted Amplifi support but it's taking forever to get any sort of solution. I even tried the beta firmware and a factory reset, still same issue. I'm very disappointed as I liked this router a lot but this should not be happening after 2 years. Not to mention the warranty is only for 1 year. I'm starting to look at other brands as I need my internet to be stable. If anyone else has run into this and found a fix, let me know.


  • @Brian-Olszewski

    The 19th of April mine started doing the same wouldn’t push 5ghz to any device constant freezes and a few restarts … restored to factory settings, still didn’t fix it … haven’t got a response from my ticket ….. it’s seems to be planned if I’m honest … I’ve been seeing more and more of the same complaint in the last 5 weeks … I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no fix and they want us to purchase a new alien

  • @lewishodges Hi, could you please state your support ticket number? Thank you!

  • So to follow back up on this - my Alien has returned to being stable again 1-2 weeks ago. I'm not really sure if it's fixed for good or not, but I am not needing to restart it anymore. The support ticket never told me if they found anything in my logs I provided so I'll never know what was causing the crashes. One thing that did happen is the power to my house went out for an hour and ever since then the router has been good. So maybe it's possible having it along with the modem disconnected for that long of a time helped, not sure. Either way I'm glad it's back to normal now and hope it stays that way.

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