Alien router will not communicate with app

  • I have 2 Alien routers..... one used as my primary router and the second (bought later) set up as a mesh point. My mesh point router suddenly stopped communicating with the main router. I tried a factory reset and everything else support has suggested. For some reason the mesh point router will not communicate with the app. When I try to add it to the network using the app..... the app says "device cannot be found". When I try to add it as a mesh point using my main Alien router..... the main router tells me "device not found". When I try to set up the bad router as a stand alone router...... the app still can't find the router so I can't get into the bad router to set it up. Something inside the router has failed and will not let ANYTHING communicate with it to set it up as either a mesh point or as a router. Does anyone know where I can send the router to have it repaired because the router is not very old?

  • @iceghost Hi. We apologize for your bad experience. Please reach out to our support team and add a support file.

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