MAC Address Filtering

  • Can MAC address filtering be added to Amplifi? I had some unauthorized apple devices on my WIFI and would like to set allowed MAC addresses. I have a password set so not sure how they got connected, although my assumption would be the apple wifi sharing feature on their devices.

  • I agree with this.

    • Include the ability to prevent unknown MAC addresses from associating.

    • Include the ability to setup a default policy to handle unknown MAC addresses which adds them to a default group in the device groups.

    Either of these options would help deter unauthorized access, especially with the iOS/iPadOS default of using "Private Wi-Fi Address" aka random MAC addresses when joining a network.

    @Cameron-Jerome-0 There's a possibility that the device you're seeing is a known Apple device with "Private Wi-Fi Address" turned on. It will generate a random MAC address when connecting. As I said in the above, it is the default for the newer iPhones/iPads/iPods to reduce user tracking when using public WiFi. It complicates device management in home networks.

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