Alien overheating

  • I bought my alien a couple months ago and it's worked perfectly until today. It's temperature is 138 F which is yellow and the Ethernet ports are very warm. TBH the bottom of it is hot as well. No smells but it now will not stay on or connected. I've unplugged it until it cools down then will try to get it running again. Why would it run so hot regularly?
    After letting it cool down and turning it back on, after 5 min the temp has gone back up to 130F

    Any help with this over heating would be appreciated.

  • My Alien regularly runs at 150F. That's only 65C which is pretty decent. My fan RPM is 2500. I don't think heat is your issue.

  • @cmdshft ok thanks for the perspective. I thought since the color code was yellow, it might be a cause.

  • @Skip-Fischer I'm not impressed with the heat management in these units. They run warm. Especially considering other MESH units have NO fans. I have 2 units. One wired RAMP. My main unit and router usually idles around 62C, but it has 40 devices on it, and the fan seems to constantly run at around 750. My 2nd unit is the concern. It was 10 light devices on it, alexas' and stuff, and runs near 67C, and the fan is always 0. I can cover the vents to force it to warm a little with my hand, and the fan will go from 0-~2300rpm, but nothing in between even. My LAN ports are also very warm, top and bottom of unit are as well. Since both these units are in similar temps, their fan behavior is very different. Both are table top, and have NOTHING around them. Rooms are 19C. Is this causing issues? well my main unit has never had to be rebooted. My RAMP, the hot one, which is wired has had to be rebooted occasionally.

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