Speed question

  • Hello. I have two ampliFi alien routers with 1200 Mbs connection from Comcast. When I test the router function , I get around 700 from the actual router and when I test the mesh , I get around 1200. Can someone help me with clarity on this ? How does the mesh show a lot more ?


  • I think to get an answer you will first need to detail your methodology. What devices are you testing with, how are they connected, what tests are you using? There are lots of previous threads that cover all this if you search.

  • To test I am simply hitting the speed test button on the router and on the other router I am hitting same thing …

  • @mleeds I am doing overall testing on both units . I pay for xfinity 1200 mbs . Just tested PlayStation 5 via lan and speed test produced 300 mbs. Laptop that’s connected gets like 850. Not sure if I bought the wrong product .

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