Connecting two AmpliFi hd’s

  • I’ve connected a second hd for my granny flat in the back garden. The tv wifi in the flat is now intermittent. Any thoughts for a wifi dummy

  • @porthboy First I would suggest you provide details on your setup. How is the first HD set up? Are you in bridge mode, is hardware NAT enabled, are you on the current version of the firmware? How is the second HD connected to the first, wired or not; if wireless how far away? Hard to provide thoughts without details to base them on. Also, what TV, and is its firmware up to date? Any pattern to the intermittency, like when the microwave near it is in use? Have you checked for channel interference with other nearby APs?

  • @mleeds Hi. The first was set up by my provider, connected to fixed wireless with ethernet to a few appliances and to the flat I think it has dhcp enabled.
    Not in bridge mode, second unit has been "paired" to first unit with ethernet then moved to the same ethernet connection in flat. The t.v. is a Sony Bravia all up to date.
    There's no interference from microwave, APs etc.
    I've managed a work-around by using a ethernet multiport unit so the tv is now wired. I hadn't had it wired previously as the ethernet was attached to a STB and then connected by HDMI to tv.
    I'd really like to know how I can get wifi to the other tv in the flat though. Thanks a Lot

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