Adding two Amplifi HD together

  • Recently just had fibre to property but due to the new location of our ONT the router is now located at the front of the house, no ideal for a central location. I don’t like the idea of recabling but it is an option if all else fails. Wifi at the back of the house is non existent now & a physical connection to our garage is now currently running off a cheap man’s powerline adapter solution.

    I was looking at multiple mesh solutions and this one has been recommended… however my next problem is I work in our garage at the back of our property - originally run a physical cable to the previous Location of the router with a 8-port switch in the garage where I have multiple laptops.

    Question, can I join two HD amplifi routers via wifi ONLY. So, 1x HD acting as the router by the new fibre ONT modem and 1x HD in bridge mode where the original router was located (about 8 metres away from the front) Then take advantage of the physical ports from the HD in bridge mode only for the garage?

    I know the Netgear Orbi can work in this way.

    Any advice or other recommendations appreciated.

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