Difference in Speed result between speed read with Amplifi app and speed read from my computer

  • I have Comcast internet with advertised download of 800Mbps and 20Mbps upload.

    When I test internet connection speed with the Amplifi app on my iPhone or directly from the Amplifi Alien router it shows connection speeds of about 420Mbps/20Mbps, only half of my advertised download speed.

    If, on the other hand, I run internet speed tests on my computer that is connected by ethernet I get download speeds of 850- 920Mbps and upload speeds of about 20Mbps.

    What does this mean? Why the great disparity in speed readings? If I stand 5 feet in front of my Amplifi Alien router and measure download speed on the 5GHz channel I get widely varying speeds from 180- 260Mbps.

    Is there something wrong with the router? Any thoughts appreciated.

  • This is a known issue and quite frankly a bit irritating that they haven't fixed this yet, especially given we just got a new firmware. The Alien is picking the wrong speed test server, giving you speeds that are not accurate. It is probably a server much further away, which is what happens in my case. Your computer is picking a more accurate speed test server. So, the speed test on that nice LCD screen router is completely useless. I've seen many people return these Alien units thinking their speeds were too slow over this. I believe it is in their best interest to step up and fix it.

  • @newfubq Thank you very much for taking the time to clarify this for me. It is very strange that the Alien gives such erroneous speed results when a laptop connected to the Alien by ethernet cable gives a more reasonable and presumably more correct result.

  • In my case this issue comes with 3.6.4 firmware.
    With previous one was more accurate.

  • @newfubq This is definitely an Amplifi programming problem. I have owned an HD for over three years, and it has the same problem. Please don't waste your time worrying about it getting fixed. Download the Speedtest app or use it from a browser at speedtest.net.

    Something else that affects the speed tests is if you have iCloud Relay turned on. Speed tests are drastically slower with iCloud Relay turned on. Remember that as of now, 5-1-22, iCloud Relay is still in Beta.

  • @coachbb94 I'm not "worried" about it. I use the speedtest on my devices instead. But I don't turn a blind eye or ignore a problem on a product that I paid good money for that should be fixed, and can be fixed. This is why I walked away from Apple. I wasn't aware of it being an issue as far back the the HD years, thanks. There are no Apple devices in my Home anymore outside of the occasional friend that may come over that still uses Apple, so no iCloud here.

    I tested several mesh systems before settling on the Alien. All of which had a more accurate speedtest. I like to compare the router tests with a Speedtest on a PC though.

    The point I'm trying to make is that these Alien devices are supposed to be marketed towards the lesser techie type of person. Now I'm a net/ sys admin. But when the speed test on the router doesn't work, it causes confusion. That less techie type of person isn't going to know the difference and try the app instead every single time. Alien needs to realize that this issue is making their devices look lackluster and impacting sales. But 3+ years, yeah, I guess they don't see it that way.

  • @coachbb94

    I believe Apple actually references lower speed tests in their knowledge base article.

    Might be a necessary trade off for privacy that follows it out of beta. I’m thinking about activating Private Relay because outside of independent providers here in Canada: I don’t really trust our ISP’s anymore.

  • @newfubq Specific problems caused you to go away from Apple products?

  • @dwightpro Thanks for being specific about why you will probably use it, that's a good reason to turn it on.

  • @coachbb94
    too many to list, and it starts an Apple vs everything else war in every thread which I do not and will not get involved with. So I'll just say, I have moved on from Apple, and have no intention of going back. Apple works just fine for many.

  • @newfubq@newfubq I understand and respect your reasoning. I wish stating the reasons you have would not start a war of words, but I know it would. I use and like Apple products, at home while doing Windows tech support part-time. Personally, I don’t care what people use, and I say use what works best for you. The main thing to remember is all these devices are just tools, even if you make a living with them.

  • @coachbb94 I agree. Nothing is gained by waging an online battle over Apple versus Windows. Everyone needs to choose his own poison. In my case my home is very much Apple centric. A total of 5 Apple computers in my family of three, not to mention the iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, etc. Home kit automations galore. If Apple offered a mesh router I would more than likely have that in place of the Alien. Started with Apple in 1984 and never saw a reason to change. But I have no interest in bashing or criticizing those who choose other platforms.

  • @jbaughmD I also have an all Apple household. My Alien replaced an aging Apple Extreme router. Had Apple continued their routers I likely would have stayed with them but I’ve been very happy with the Alien and have had no issues in the 2 years or so I’ve had it.

  • @John-Pappas Ah, another AirPort refugee! Haha. I loved my AirPort Time Capsule and it was performing flawlessly for us; however, I had ended up hitting the 32-device limit on the 2.4GHz band due to HomeKit accessories.

    Was really sad that Apple wasn't continuing the AirPort lineup, but the Alien has been an extremely good replacement here too. Really happy with my choice. Ubiquiti being founded by an Apple engineer makes it sorta feel closer to a true AirPort replacement.

  • @dwightpro On Apple beta discussion forums the Amplifi HD router was frequently cited as an Apple-like suitable replacement for the Extremes and Time Capsules. When the time came for me the Alien had been released and I thought it would be an even better choice and although expensive about the same price as the Time Capsule. Our needs are fairly simple so there isn’t much difference in performance from the Apple router but the range is greater than the Apple one. And absolutely no issues, so far🤞

  • @dwightpro , it’s actually amusing that an attempt NOT to start an Apple vs. “them” (anyone else) triggers a chorus of “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be” reflections from AirPort Extreme Time Capsule lovers. My own 3 TB Time Capsule Is living in retirement as a network extender connected to an Alien over Ethernet while contributing 3 additional LAN ports to my home network, and up until last week, it’s internal hard drive hosting my iMac and MacBook Pro Time Machine backups. That drive is now unreliable, and I’m considering some surgery to replace it, given that there are now 12 (and larger) TB internal mechanisms that should be able to hang out in that case at a far lower cost than some other form of network attached storage to host ongoing Time Machine backups. Perhaps it’s not kosher to ask here, but since there are so many Time Capsule alumni here, I’m wondering if any of them have cracked the case on their white plastic obelisks to insert a replacement rotating patter drive inside?


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