AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.4

  • @voicegy Under "general" on your main router, and 'action' on your connected routers (or mesh units), there is a reboot function.

    FWIW, I never reboot or unplug/plug back my devices unless there is a reason to and so far () the move from 3.6.2. to 3.6.4 has been stable for me (safe for an initial oddity with each router grabbing the same channel versus, say, 100, 116 and 132 respectively)

  • @Daniel-Osers Thank you, how stupid of me not to have noticed that. I stand corrected regarding my previous reboot comment!

  • @voicegy no worries 🙂

  • I've decided to open a ticket on my ongoing problems with WIFI6 speeds. Downlink is around 300 to 400 mbps and upload is 400 to 600 mbps on a gigabit connection. WIFI5 is much better at 500+ down and up. Ticket opened 324792 and I've been providing data and screenshots. Hopefully they can find what the issue is. Generally, the Alien and the satellite connected via RG6 is very stable.

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    I am using 3 amplifi aliens in a mesh setup. I upgraded to the latest firmware and my download speed on my wired PC dropped from 940 Mb/s to ~400 -500 Mb/s. The wireless devices were not affected. I tried rebooting the pc, updating the LAN driver, rebooting the Alien. The only thing the resolved it was going back to 3.6.2

  • How can i downgrade to 3.6.2?
    Before i was connecting to my qnap nas at 1000Mbps now 500Mbps / 600Mbps upgrade via lcd panel.

  • I sent the following to

    My setup consists of two Alien stand alone routers. One is the main unit, and the other one connects as a wireless mesh point. I purchased them in January 2021.

    This morning I upgraded the firmware to 3.6.4 from 3.6.2. The main unit upgraded fine. But the other unit was stuck showing connecting on the front panel. The app on my iPhone showed the main unit but the mesh unit, when I tapped it, showed none of the usual items.

    The troubleshooting steps I took were:

    1. I unplugged the power and plugged it back in. The display showed a circle and numbers from 1 to 99 and then connecting. But it was stuck on connecting.

    2. I factory reset the unit. The display said to reset using the app. The app showed the unit. I proceeded with the setup, named the unit, and tapped continue. The display on the unit showed connecting and the app returned to setup.

    The unit is stuck on connecting. I assume something went wrong with the firmware update. Can you help?

  • @UI-AmpliFi my internet has never been faster after this update. Don’t know if it’s related but wow. Pulling 900 on my iPhone.

  • Let me start of by saying that when I first got the Alien (EU version) had no end but stability issues with it.

    3.6.2 was honestly its saving grace

    Literally flawless

    updated to 3.6.4 and whilst its stable I'm seeing disruptions in wireless signals to some devices

    eg.) HomePod mini streaming music (direct NOT airplayed from iPhone) and with my iPhone in the same room if I did a few repeated Speedtest on the iPhone via the Speedtest app, the music on the HomePod mini will get distorted and even stop at times.

    Never had that issue on 3.6.2

    Its like if the alien gets bogged down with one device trying to stretch out its wifi bandwidth, the other devices start to get effected.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt On wifi5 or 6? Which iPhone? That's tremendous.

  • @Brian-Scarbrough should be WiFi 6. iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • @Gary-Sing Hi, we would like to know more and investigate your issue. Before you roll back to 3.6.2 please submit a support ticket while you are having issues and send us a ticket number in a direct message. Thank you!

  • AFI-ALN-R-EU v3.6.4, WiFi signal disappear.

  • found another issue with an apple device
    I have the new Mac Studio and it connects via wifi AX 1200mbps 5Ghz

    Each time I reboot the studio, it connects back at wifi AX 866mbps 5Ghz only. Turning wifi off and on doesn't fix this.

    Only a reboot of the alien allows it to reconnect at 1200mbps 5Ghz

  • So..
    It looks like my disconnection 'bug' while in Teams meetings is back. Today suffered some disconnects on my wireless backhauled meshpoint. I created a ticket to investigate this issue (with support file). Afterwards I rebooted the meshpoint - an monitor if that will stabilize.

  • So far so good with this build. I noted after a power cycle, speed was much improved as well as latency. It seems stable with no noted issues so far running in Bridge Mode (other than that pesky broken mess speed test). I would love to see some WPA3 in the next Beta.

    Keep at it!!

  • @newleader Want to do the same, having problems with speed and device disconnection.

  • Getting connect/disconnected with Android devices and all my Amazon devices, I can't even see the SSID 5GHz on the devices anymore.
    Also, speed downgrade.
    Back to 3.6.2, everything is working great.

  • @unseenone
    Same issue here, had stutters in a YouTube live stream (Apple TV, connected to 5ghz), lte stream was fine. After 14 days uptime a soft reboot fixed that issue.
    Similar timeout issues on other device, even the Wi-Fi Man App showed timeouts to the gateway.

    Is there a reboot scheduler coming any time soon? Seems to be that most of the issues can be fixed with a restart.
    Is it safe to power cycle the 2nd unit, as an example with a smart plug?

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