Random shutting off?

  • Hey everyone I have 2 alien routers one as the actual router connected to the gateway and the other one as a mesh. They work great for when they do work. I get amazing coverage and amazing speeds. We’ll I had them for about 2 weeks before they both started randomly rebooting. I reported it to the RMA and they have been the most unresponsive customer service I’ve ever dealt with even though I spent over 800 dollars on these two devices. Going to try and get a refund from Best Buy. Is anyone having the same issue??

  • I have the same setup and my hard wired ethernet is extremely unreliable. random devices will get random disconnects. 3.6.4 seems to have fixed some of the issues and the wifi doesn't have the disconnects anymore but I agree on the customer service, they basically said it isn't our router causing your issues when the only time it happens is when I upgrade the software past 3.6.0. It has been very frustrating. Considering switching back to Asus.

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