Teleport code generation bugged

  • Hi!

    Had my Alien for a few weeks now, loving it so far!

    Had an issue today when trying to generate a code for the Teleport app. When I hit the "Generate Code" button it flashes something for a few milliseconds and then goes back to the Generate Code button. If I try to copy the code via the button, I get an error. Pictures are provided below.

    I'm usingmy google app for the remote management, and have succesfully generated a code before. I've also tried clearing the cache for the AmpliFi app, and uninstalled/reinstalled it. I'm running the latest firmware on my router/mesh point (3.6.4)

    Any help with this would be much appreciated!


  • I got it sorted for now, turns out it was my new Modem/Router that my ISP sent me. If anyone knows a way to let Teleport through that'd be great, port forwarding, firewall rules, etc. Can't find any info on what Teleport needs open to function. Cheers.

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