Alien Router stopped broadcasting 2.4ghz

  • I've been trying to work on this on/off.

    My Alien router crashed (or something) about 2 weeks ago. Happened over night, woke up and it had completely stopped broadcasting any detectable network/wifi. Couldn't connect to the app as a result, nothing was working. Ended up eventually doing factory reset.

    Managed to get a single 5G network to show up so my wife and I can at least work from home and use the internet. While trying to further troubleshoot I noticed none of the 2.4 networks are showing up. I've swapped several messaged with Amplifi support via email, but hasn't really been productive so far.

    No idea what caused the initial error in the first place, and definitely not sure why only 1x network shows up (even if I have 2.4 or other 5g/wifi6 networks activated on the router via the app). They will show up on the router LCD but nothing connected (and devices won't detect them).

    Wondering if this is a possible hardware issue, my Alien is only around 2 years old, running 3.6.4 on a dozen plus typical devices (ipad, iphones, mac computers, game consoles, watch, smart tvs, printer, etc)

  • @millerjs86 FWIW, our Aliens have similar birthdays, and I'm also on 3.6.4 fw, but I can still see 2.4 GHz devices (just a data point).

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