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  • I have two Alien routers with one set up as an extender with ethernet backhaul. I've configured the main router with custom DFS WiFi channels 13 and 128. I am, however, unable to configure the WiFi channels of the extender. It seems to be set to auto and selects channel 11, 6, 40, etc., at random with every reboot. I would like to configure the channel manually and preferably have the extender use the same channel as the main router, since those are the channels with minimal interference from competing routers in my building.

    Is it not possible to configure the WiFi channels of the extender?

  • @Asbjørn-Ulsberg If you are in the United States, it is illegal for Channels 12-14 to be used while the rest of the world can use them.

    I know this doesn't answer your question about configuring WiFi channels on the Alien extenders, but I thought US citizens should be made aware of this.

  • @Asbjørn-Ulsberg You can't currently select channels on your mesh units or attached routers - only the radios on the main router can be hard-set.
    Theoretically this is so that the routers (I have 3 Alien routers total all in wired backhaul) don't overlap channels and can pick their own so as to minimize interference with themselves. And theoretically they should pick the least busy channels overall upon boot (or force an election when radar is detected on DFS spectrum).

    I have had occasions where all 3 where on channel 100 (Wifi 6 radio), and occasions where they occupied 100, 116 and 132 respectively and that seemed to work out well.

    But yeah, if you absolutely wanted to select channels on your mesh points, not supported right now.

  • If you are in the United States, it is illegal for Channels 12-14

    And from the cited link...
    Many people think channels 12 and 13 are banned in the USA, but they’re not. A Wi-Fi router can operate on channels 12 and 13, but only in a “low power” mode. There are strict limits on the power output to avoid interference on the adjacent band, which is owned by Globalstar and used for satellite phones and other low-speed data communications.

    The Federal Communications Commission has clarified that only channel 14 is forbidden and that low-power transmitters with low-gain antennas may operate legally in channels 12 and 13 as long as the 50 dB bandwidth of the signal is within the range of 2,400–2,483.5 MHz

  • @Daniel-Osers I would like to set the channels manually on the extender as well. Too bad that it's not possible; the channels it chooses automatically are occupied by tens of competing routers in the building.

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for the clarification about 12 & 13. What advantage/use is there using 12 and 13 in low power mode?

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