HomePod issues

  • I have been having issues with getting my multiple HomePods working as expected. I believe the issues started when I bought my second Alien base station.

    Issue: Getting my HomePods to respond to commands in a timely manner. Sometimes it can take a minute or two to play any music or carry out a command!?

    Setup: Draytek 166 modem (pass through) connected to Alien1 in house with Alien2 in garden office via Ethernet backbone. I have 2 x SSIDS, one for 5GHz and the other for 2.4GHz SSID.

    I have 2 HomePods setup as stereo pair connected to Apple TV, 2 HomePod minis setup as a stereo pair on garden office and a single HomePod mini in kitchen.

    Driving me nuts, anyone else having similar experiences? Doesn’t seem to improve with SW updates and hardware resets

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